Adult Programs

Adult Programs

SaJiDo Martial Arts Academy

SaJiDo Rules:


Rule Number 1:

Utilize the talents of the mind and body to enhance your life and the world around you.

Rule Number 2:

The knowledge and abilities that you obtain through the study of SaJiDo are to be used for the purpose of right. These talents are to be used in the defense mode only.

Our History

Grand Master Jim Sams founded The SaJiDo Academy over 35 years ago. Martial art is focused on personal development and service to others above self. These essential life lessons are taught with practical combat-proven martial arts training in a welcoming environment.

Grand Master Sams began his martial arts career in 1963 while serving with the US Air Force and later served the Air/Security Police(Blue Beret). In addition to normal police duties, he was a SAT team leader in South Vietnam (Combat SAT Team) and the Southeastern Theater of Operations.

Grand Master Sams has been very fortunate to have studied, taken classes, attended seminars, or given seminars with some of the finest martial artists in the world today. He has been recognized twice in Black Belt Magazine and is listed in Karate International Magazine. He has been inducted into the Karate College Instructors  Hall of Fame.  He is credited with developing one of the few systems to be certified in the last twenty years in the USA. The result is SaJiDo – a world martial arts system.

SaJiDo has been recognized by Grand Masters such as Dr. Jerry Beasley, Joe Lewis, Michael DePasquale, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Renzo Gracie. The art follows principles similar to those of Bruce Lee. Students are encouraged to use what works ideally for them and create the best possible solution to any problem. They have used these Life principles to their advantage in combat situations as well as in professional environments.

SaJiDo is a powerhouse that embraces kicking, punching, jumping, blocking, grappling, weapons training, or using the environment around you. SaJiDo trains both the mind and body, emphasizing the development of mental and physical control. Join us for fun and exercise appropriate for all ages.

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Qualities We Build

SaJiDo classes for adults aim to build strength and increase flexibility while learning to defend yourself and others. Take a look at what you can expect:

Improve Physical Fitness

SaJiDo offers excellent exercises. We have designed our classes for an entire body workout. Improve your strength and flexibility while learning to defend yourself.

Alleviate Anxiety

SaJiDo training provides relief from worries and anxiety. Students report a greater overall sense of wellbeing. SaJiDo's training will help you achieve improved physical and mental health.

Enhanced Self Esteem

SaJiDo practitioners become more confident and prepared for all situations. You will know you can defend yourself in a life-threatening street situation. More importantly, you will have confidence in your work environment.

Increased Focus & Concentration

Martial arts is famous for teaching people focus. As you train, you will learn the age-old secrets that have allowed martial artists to become highly successful in life!

Leadership Skills

SaJiDo Black Belts always say that they could take the leadership skills they learned at the academy and implement them into personal success with business endeavors. We take great pride in knowing that our students excel at learning proven self-defense skills and learned how to translate these skills into business success. 

Stress Relief

Students over the past 35 years report that training at the SaJiDo Academy is one of the best stress relief activities they do.  You put the days stress behind you and focus on your martial arts training.  When class is over you feel refreshed and tension free. 

Ability to Defend Yourself and Others

SaJiDo is a combat-proven martial arts training taught in a safe and friendly environment.  Over the past 35 years, we have had students forced to defend themselves in military combat situations as well as street encounters. We are happy to report that our students have protected themselves and others who were also in danger. We do not advocate fighting, but we understand that it is crucial to defend yourself if you or your loved ones are in danger. We teach students the proper physical and mental discipline to avoid fights and maintain peace whenever possible.