Do you feel the excitement building for Karate College 2016?!?!

Sajido Martial Arts Academy is! We are geared up and ready to teach at, and attend this year’s Karate College 2016 summer camp! Located in Radford, Virginia, this is the oldest and best mixed martial arts camp in the United States of America.  Voted on by Black Belt Magazine. Karate College was one of the […] Read more>>

What Are You Really Getting When You Pay for Martial Arts…

What Are You Really Getting When You Pay For Martial Arts Classes? Most people believe, when first starting or thinking about starting martial arts, that they will be learning how to defend themselves by kicking, punching, or grappling submissions. While this is true, there are countless other benefits that the student/practitioner receives by being part […] Read more>>

The Adaptability of Mind

The Adaptability of Mind By Dr. Marc Ellis When I met Grand Master Sams in the early 90’s he would always tell me not to train in patterns because they are a liability. Sajido practitioners train to be adaptable to change in the current situation. Even if that means doing something they have never thought […] Read more>>

How to do a Side Kick

How to do a Side Kick In this blog we will be going through a step by step process on how to do a basic turn side kick! A side kick is one of the three basic kicks that we as Sajido martial art practitioners utilize. The three basic kicks that are taught at Sajido […] Read more>>

How to do a Tae Kwon Do Roundhouse Kick

How to do a Tae Kwon Do Roundhouse Kick In today’s blog we will learn how to do a Tae Kwon Do style roundhouse kick! Here at Sajido Martial Arts Academy we also utilize the Muay Thai, Japanese, and Savate roundhouse kick. These are all great kicks, and they all have their unique purposes. Tae […] Read more>>