Do You Feel The Excitement Building For Karate College 2016?!?!

Sajido Martial Arts Academy is!

We are geared up and ready to teach at, and attend this year’s Karate College 2016 summer camp! Located in Radford, Virginia, this is the oldest and best mixed martial arts camp in the United States of America. Voted on by Black Belt Magazine. Karate College was one of the first martial arts camps that let various martial arts systems come together for the greater good to teach, learn, and trade different techniques and styles of both sport and combative arts. First established in 1987, at the time it was taboo for different systems to meet, mingle, and trade information.
If you have never been, Karate College is a 4 day camp packed full of amazing world renowned instructors! Instructors such as, Renzo Gracie, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Grand Master Michael DePasquale, Brooks Miller, Mark Hatmaker, John Miller, Vugar Gasimov, Tyler Beasley, Dr. JerryBeasley, Grand Master Scott Yates, Grand Master Willie “Bam” Johnson, Master Kimber Johnson, Master Jonathan Phipps, Grand Master Danny Chapman, Master John Mayer, Master James Houston, Josh Bishop, Master Neil Prime, as well as Sajido’s very own Grandmaster Jim Sams, Dr. Marc Ellis, and Joey Marazio!
So many different Instructors of a vast range of martial arts! All in the same building!

If you have never been, I most certainly urge you to attend!

We are very excited!

See you all there!!!


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