SaJiDo improves Self-Esteem

SaJiDo Improves Self-Esteem

SaJiDo provides a whole body and mind training that is not only beneficial for keeping a
healthy physical body, but also helps strengthen self-confidence.

Many women choose martial arts as part of their fitness regimes or to learn self defence. Children and parents
also choose SaJiDo to help learn how to deal with being bullied at school.

It is known that kids who are bullied can have low self esteem. Here at the SaJiDo Academy we help
children learn to resolve these problems without having to fight but to also have the
confidence to know that if they are attacked they can defend themselves. This confidence
helps them stay relaxed and solve the problem without violence. Confidence plays a major
role in an individuals life, so it is vital that people are given tools to boost their self-esteem.
Respect, discipline, self-confidence, courage and honor are all attributes of SaJiDo

SaJiDo is ideal for adults and children who want to have a great workout while at
the same time learning real self defense. Martial Arts were primarily developed in troubled
times for self-defense, but scientific studies and millions of personal testimonials suggest it
has a key role in shaping character, self-confidence, positive mental attitude and personal

Choosing the correct martial arts for you can be a challenge.

Here at the SaJiDo Academy we offer a free trial class so you can meet the instructors and get a better idea if
you think our art is the correct choice for you. To learn more you are welcome to come to
the Dojo and meet us, and if you would like you can schedule a free trial class. Please
contact us via the contact page on our website or call us at 770-806-8317

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